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If the future is unlike the past how do we develop businesses that will grow in new and uncharted waters? This blog will explore ideas about business and ideas about the present and the future.


Social EnterprisePosted by Richard Gutteridge 09 Feb, 2017 15:49:30

A Synod is an assembly of the clergy and the laity in a diocese or other division of a particular Church. In this instance it's the Nottingham South Deanery. They have asked me to speak to them about Social Enterprise in the context of engaging with a local community. A number of churches across the UK have set up social enterprises and our meeting will be held in St Saviour's church Nottingham, which has set up a soft play centre ( Social enterprise can be a way of engaging with the community but it must be first and foremost a business, it must generate profits. It might engage with a local community or in the case of Eden people from various communities. What is true of a church is true of other charities. A business allows the charity to develop contacts with people who it might not otherwise contact. Think of the local charity shop or café for instance. But the business is not the charity, although a business may also be a charity - but that restricts the kinds of business in which it can engage. Any business the charity conducts must further the charitable aims of the organisation.

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